Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes people ask us questions about Pup-Ups. We try our best to answer the most common questions here. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please feel free to send us a message from the Contact page.

Why do people like Pup-Ups?

Everyone who visits Pup-Ups shares a love for pups, but the reasons they visit can vary.

Some people like to check in at work when they need a quick break to recharge. (Looking at pups has been scientifically shown to improve work performance, after all.)

Others like to cast Pup-Ups onto their TVs while they’re just hanging out at home or having a party. (Pup-Ups is especially popular at holiday parties.)

And because every Pup-Ups image links directly back to the original Instagram post, lots of people like to share their pups on Pup-Ups because it helps their pup accounts get more and more followers.

How do you use Pup-Ups? Is there anything you’d like to see us improve or do differently? If so, send us a message at the Contact page.

What is the Pup-Ups image approval process?

Once you share your pup photos, they can take about 24 hours to be approved. In order to ensure that all pup photos on Pup-Ups are of the highest quality, our certified pup-pickers must approve each and every photos submitted.

To increase the chances of your pup photo being approved, follow these guidelines:

  • Make sure it’s a picture of pup
  • Frame the pup up close (far-away pups are tough to see)
  • Try to keep humans completely out of the picture (human skin is particularly discouraged)
  • Bonus points if you can capture the personality of the pup!

What happens when I authorize Instagram?

By authorizing Instagram, you allow the Pup-Ups app to access your Instagram media and profile information. None of us at Pup-Ups will ever be able to access your personal data. You are only allowing Pup-Ups access to your public profile information (Name, Username, Profile Picture, etc.) and the media you have shared on Instagram.

Authorizing Instagram will allow you to select the media that you want to share to the Pup-Ups app. We will not save any media that you do not select. You may remove your media from Pup-Ups at any time.

How do I authorize Instagram to share images on Pup-Ups?

To authorize Instagram, visit the Share from Instagram page and click the the Authorize Instagram button. This action will allow Pup-Ups to communicate directly with Instagram. If you are already logged in to Instagram, it will allow you to continue and begin selecting media to share. If you are not logged in, it will redirect you to Instagram's login page, where you can log in before being redirected back to Pup-Ups.

Once you’ve authorized Instagram, you will be able to share pups directly from Instagram. The Share from Instagram page is accessible from your Dashboard. From there, you can select the Instagram photos you’d like to share, and you can always review and manage your shared images from the Your Pups page.

How do I share pup photos on Pup-Ups?

First, visit the Share from Instagram page. (Be sure that you’ve authorized Instagram.) You will see some familiar images that you’ve recently shared on Instagram. Select the puppy pictures you’d like to share on Pup-Ups by clicking on the checkmark icon in the lower right corner of each image you’d like to share. Selected pup photos will be added to the thumbnail gallery on the right. Once you have selected all the images you want to share, click the Submit Puppies button. Please allow 24 hours for approval. Once approved, it will begin appearing on the main page for all to pup-lovers to enjoy.

How do I edit and remove images on Pup-Ups?

Once you have submitted images to Pup-Ups, you will always be able to access your images on the Your Pups page from your dashboard. Locate the image you wish to edit or remove and click on it. You will be taken to the edit page for the specific image, where you can update the caption, add tags or remove the image.

What data is saved when I submit a photo?

When you click the checkmark, we save the following data about you and the image to our app so that we can share the image on Pup-Ups:

  • Your Instagram username (so we can give you credit)
  • Media URL (so we can display the image on Pup-Ups)
  • Media Post URL (so we can link to your Instagram post and help you get more followers)
  • Your Media Caption (so we can share it with your media)

If you ever decide to remove a photo from Pup-Ups, we will remove all the information associated with that media.

Enjoy Pup-Ups, and send us a message at the Contact page if you still have questions!